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Amongst all other wild animals, raccoons are considered to be most easily adaptable to human surroundings and inhabit areas having abundance of food and shelter. That makes attics and crawlspaces more vulnerable to raccoon inhabitation as they are usually, warm, safe as well as having ample sources of food in the form of plants or garbage bins etc. Attic and crawlspaces are more commonly utilized by female raccoons while they are pregnant as it offers a safe and protected environment for giving birth to little ones.

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A Team Raccoon Control Services is proud to announce that we believe in a true prevention plan to prevent raccoons from going into your home to keep your family safe from any health or physical danger. In order to properly exterminate and solve the raccoon infestation problems a true wildlife specialist must perform a full site analysis in order to have a full overview of the problem.

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Animals going into your dwelling for food accessibility can be controlled by removing the source, applying the proper antimicrobial solutions and spraying a predator based scent to alert them from returning. By properly diagnosing the issue, a wild animal expert will understand the behavior and be able to resolve the given all information found during the inspection process.

Inspection Process Checklist

Attic & Crawlspace
    • Check All Access Points
      • Inspect contaminated and damaged areas Insulation
        • Check For Wood Damage
          • Inspect for Electrical Damage
            • Inspect Air Ducts For Any Damage
              • Check For Water Line Damage (if applicable)
    • Inspect Drywall For Contamination
      • Check Roof For Rips and Damage
        • Inspect Screenings & Vents
          • Inspect For Insulation Damages
            • Check For Affected Areas (Feces & Urination)
              • Check For Wood Damage

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Without having the proper knowledge or understanding the danger of dealing with raccoon contamination you may think twice about handling the problem by yourself or using non experienced wild animal control company. Rest assure that when working with A Team Services wildlife division, you are working with experts that understands how to properly remove and clean up after raccoons. The experts here are fully trained and have vast understanding about wild animals to be in no doubt that you and your family is safe from dangers that these animals can transport into your home. We use non toxic safe solutions and repellant to keep raccoons out of your home.

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No doubt that of all wild animals raccoons are carriers of most hazardous diseases. When dealing with an infestation problem, it is important to have all the proper tools and equipment to prevent any health hazards that can be life threatening.

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