What Will It Cost To Remove Raccoons From My Home

There is no price for keeping your family safe from any health hazard threats that raccoons are capable of bringing into your home. Though, if your home attic or crawlspace have been invaded and trashed by a raccoon or a family of raccoons, you may qualify for a free removal service. A Team Services Inc. wild animal experts are currently offering free raccoon removal service with every attic cleaning service. Our cleaning service will consist of a complete decontamination service, removal of all hazardous contamination and sealing of all openings leading into your home.

If you attic has become a resident for raccoon families, you may qualify for a no or a low out of pocket cost for the complete clean up service. Call us today and see if you are eligible for a full attic cleaning and decontamination service today.

Types of Diseases & Virus Transmitted By Raccoons

As you may already know after doing your research; raccoons are commonly known to carry the most hazardous disease of all the wild animal families. When dealing with raccoons be very cautious and always have the proper gear to prevent from being infected with dangerous viruses and diseases.

Raccoon Trapping Service

Trapping raccoons are the most common way to get rid of these critters. Though if the contaminated are is not properly treated, the problem of infestation can still persist. Majority of animal trappers can be successful with catching the animal but only a few understand how to keep them from coming back. Wild animals have very unique sense of smell and without properly decontaminating the affected area, other wild animals can be attracted to the odor out of curiosity. Since animals typically enter or go into properties because of good food source predators or the same animal type will automatically assume that your property is a place where they can be safe and secure with an abundant amount of food source. When working with A Team’s wild animal trappers, we make certain to disinfect, decontaminate and properly get rid of all contamination to prevent any inviting scent to other unwanted animals.

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Attic & Crawlspace Decontamination

The price of fully cleaning your attic or crawlspace will be determined by the amount of contamination that needs to be removed as well as the amount of damage that the raccoon have caused. If you suspect or are hearing loud noises in your attic, chances are there could be a raccoon or a family of raccoons living in there. To prevent any costly damage that they can bring, it is to the homeowner’s best interest to take immediate action by calling in a wild animal or attic specialist before they terrorize your attic completely and contaminate it with any abundant amount of defecation or urination. If raccoon juveniles are present they are infamous for causing ruckus tearing up insulation, gnawing on wires, destroying air ducts, etc. therefore, it is imperative to make certain that you get them out of your attic or crawlspace before it’s too late.

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