Removal Raccoons - Opossums In The Attic or Crawlspace

Raccoons in the attic, crawlspace or any other part of the house or building can pose a lot of dangers to the occupants as well as the pets; hence, they need to be tackled with care. After all, they are dangerous wild animals that carry various parasites and diseases such as leptospirosis that can be transmitted to adults, children and even pets. Apart from the mess they create by digging holes in the garden, shredding the roof, urinating and defecating everywhere, raccoons can even destroy the insulation ordamage the cooling systems,vents etc. Though they normally do not attack but due to their wild nature, slight provocation can turn them into a highly aggressive creature when they bite, scratch or claw the living beings around. The excretory products of raccoons cause additional threat as it spreads a number of zoonotic diseases such as raccoon roundworm. Contact with them can expose one to various other diseases like leptospirosis, rabies, or parasitic infestations like mange.Due to these dangers of raccoons, they should be removed from their inhabiting place as soon as possible but since they are wild animals, they should be handled with extreme care. Thus, raccoon removal is a very critical task that requires the involvement of an expert team specialized in such handlings

Why Raccoons Go Into Attics and Crawlspaces?

With an increasing number of homes being built, many wild animals are being pushed out of their natural habitat. Wild animals such as raccoons, opossums, etc are probably one of the most common wildlife that are found breaking into homes for shelter or for food source. Though raccoons and opossums are often known to break into attics and crawlspaces of homes for shelter when they are about to give birth. Attics and crawlspaces usually have insulation for them to keep warm and also a place where they are hidden from any predators.

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Loud Noises in the Attic at Night.

If you are hearing loud noises in the attic at night, it is to your best interest to contact a wild animal expert that can investigate what kind of animal is lurking in your home. Most wild animals are nocturnal so if you are hearing loud stomping and scratching, you most likely have a raccoon or opossum in your home. Often, baby animals are very playful and can damage as well as contaminate insulation, electrical wiring, vapor barriers, etc of the attic or crawlspace. Failing to take immediate action of removing these unwanted animals can lead to costly damage and clean up cost.

Trapping and Removal of Raccoons

If you are certain that there is a wild animal living in your home, it is to your best interest to hire a professional to trap and take them away from your home. Chances are the animal entered the home to prepare or give birth to their young. Mother raccoons or opossums can be very agreessive and will attack if they feel that they or their kin is in any danger. Since these animals are non domesticated, they can carry viruses and diseases that can be very dangerous to humans or pets. It is imperative that if you are going to remove them yourself to have the proper protective gear in case they attact. Wildlife experts will highly suggest for inexperienced individuals to contact a qualified expert to properly remove and control these unwanted animals from your home.

Attic Clean Up and Proofing

As experts, trapping and removal of these creatures is the easiest part of the process. The hardest part is making certain that all attic and crawlspace contamination is properly removed, sanitized, cleaned up and all openings are secured. As you know, raccoons and other wild animals can carry some of the most horrifying diseases therefore, it is imperative that if your home is contaminated that it is properly disinfected with the using a non toxic antimicrobial treatment to prevent the spread of bacteria, virus, and fungi that these animals have left behind. Post cleaning, all openings leading into the affected area must be securely sealed to prevent other wild animals from coming back in the future.

Cost of Attic or Crawlspace Clean Up

The cost of cleaning up your attic or crawlspace can very based on the amount of contamination and damage that the wild animal have caused. For large amount of damage, majority of homeowners insurance policy may cover the cost of a full decontamination service. Though, before calling the insurance company it is highly suggested for you to contact a professional to prevent any unecessary claims that can cause your policy to rise.

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Hardous Waste Removal

When dealing with raccoons or other wild animals that have invaded your attic. It is important to make sure that all contamination is removed and disposed properly. Raccoon feces are known to host baylisascaris procyonis, a roundworm that can be harmful to people. Failing to fully remove and decontaminate can lead to health hazards that can be lethal.

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