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Amongst all other wild animals, raccoons are considered to be most easily adaptable to human surroundingsand inhabit areas having abundance of food and shelter. That makes gardens and attics more vulnerable to raccoon inhabitation as they are usually, warm, safe as well as having ample sources of food in the form of plants or garbage bins etc. Attic is more commonly utilized by female raccoons while they are pregnant as it offers a safe and protected environment for giving birth to little ones. The months of spring i.e. February to May are most favorable for the dwelling of raccoons. When in the gardens, raccoons feed easily on food plants such as sweet corns, peas, potatoes and other fruits.

Removing raccoons and controlling them is not an easy task; it is not as simple as driving them away. You can drive them away over and over again, but they will still return to pester your home if the proper technique or deterrent is used. Raccoons are known to damage homes and buildings such as an; attic, roof, crawlspace, air duct, etc. It is typically common when looking for a shelter, these powerful wild animals will work their way into your home or business through the roof shingles just to get in your home. There are also times that they will go through crawlspaces and garages to house their young.

Raccoon in the house is also associated to different health problems. This is basically the major problem that you have to face because they carry parasites and viruses in their body. If they live inside your house, the parasites and viruses will also live there. These raccoons usually carry roundworms and the eggs can live in their feces and transmit to humans during contact. Roundworms are very hazardous to humans and in some cases can lead to death if left untreated. This is not healthy for your family, and it will surely cause a lot of problems if you have children living in your home. Aside from this, a large percentage of raccoons are carrier of rabies. Any scratch or bite from them can transfer the rabies in your body, and it might be deadly if not treated.

Getting rid of raccoons is a terrifying task and thus, one should employ an experienced raccoon removal service company that use innovative methods and techniques to handle such wild animals. Using integrated means of extracting the raccoon from your premises, the removal technician is capable of properly controlling the animal easily and thus, protects you and your family from its dangerous effects.  Furthermore, our as a true raccoon control company our drive out the raccoons, ensure your safety, and prevent these wild animals from coming back to your home or place of business.

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It is true that raccoons are very cute, but you cannot deny the fact that they can be a nuisance or even a source of diseases when they try to build their dens in your own home. Instead of trapping them and hurting them, The services that we at A Team Raccoon Services provide can be a better choice.


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