Raccoon and Wildlife F.A.Q.'s

  • How To Prevent Raccoons From Coming To Private Properties.
    • Never encourage the presence in the neighborhood by feeding them or allowing them inside the house as these acts are potential health hazards. Raccoons are typically going to homes for food source. Therefore, keep pet foods inside, harvest all fruit, vegetation, and make sure to keep garbage containers covered at all times. If you have a barbeque grill, be sure that the barbeque grills is covered well and make sure to clean them well after use. Furthermore, sealing all openings or holes in the attic or gardens may prevent raccoons from living in these areas. Bright light and loud noise also, tends to scare away the raccoons so try lighting a bright lantern or placing a loud radio to keep the raccoons away.

  • Are raccoons dangerous?
    • The nesting of Raccoons in homes can be a serious problem as far as the healths of the residents are concerned. One of the most common problems with the Raccoons is that many are infected with rabies. This can be fatal for the pets in the house and can be vicious to humans. Furthermore, the feces of the raccoons contain roundworms that can also enter the humans through the air while breathing. The mange disease is yet another common problem that can infect the members at home in the presence of Raccoons. Visit our raccoon diseases page for more information or call our specialist today at 888-411-6543.

  • Will raccoons attact humans?
    • Yes, raccoons have been know to attac humans. Although, not common if raccoons feel that they are in danger they can be viscious to humans and pets.