Raccoon and Wildlife Questions and Answers

  • Why Raccoons Go Into Attics of homes?
    • Raccoon are usually entering attics to give birth to their young. In most cases when you find an adult raccoon in an attic of a house, you will most likely find their young.

  • Are raccoons dangerous?
    • Raccoons carry diseases and virus that can harm human beings as well as pets. Therefore, if you see any raccoon activity at your home it is imperative for you to take actions immediately.

  • Does trapping raccoons get rid of them permanently.
    • Trapping raccoons is not always the best solution. When dealing with raccoons infestation it is highly recommended for you to get professional assistance to put an end to the problem.

  • My house has raccoons in the attic, do I need to get complete cleaning?
    • The fact that most raccoon infested attics have unwanted waste, we highly suggest a complete cleaning service to fully sanitize and remove all raccoon waste such as feces and urine from the insulation of the attic. Though, in many cases if caught on time the measures of complete insulation removal may not be necessary. Call us today to get a complete attic analysis of your attic.